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19 September, 2009

These writings are dedicated to all of Jehovah’s chosen – Isra’el, wherever they may be. Those who have returned to their God-given land and those who in their hearts wish to be there. The next most awesome event to take place is Jehovah showing His chosen people how much He loves and cares for them. With this event, the eyes of His chosen will see and their ears will hear and their hearts will turn to Him. It is going to take place! God said so. Always remember who is in charge. Get ready and start looking up for your victory lies in the awesome Jehovah God. Call on Him and He will answer.

There are tough times ahead for the entire world.  Jehovah has, through the revelation of His word, given us an outline of the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” which will last for seven years.  Hear O Isra’el, Jehovah is on your side if you will turn to Him and let Him reveal His direction for you.

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